The Congress

The 5th World Credit Congress (WCCE) in Bucharest, Romania continues the practice of facilitating interaction among professionals in credit, collection and third party intermediation from around the world. As world economic conditions have continued to change, this forum continues to provide current, meaningful information and to enable discussion, interaction and a high level of practical understanding that would otherwise be impractical or indeed impossible. On a continuing basis, the WCCE has delivered the opportunity to understand the direction of economies and the business opportunities and challenges faced by participating enterprises, identifying both risks and the returns, and delivering solutions.

5th World Credit Congress and Exhibition

The WCCE has always successfully presented top-notch speakers and programs, delivering consistent value and opportunity for participants, clients, providers and with particular value to the markets, in this case Eastern Europe, wherein the event is delivered.

In 2016 the expectation is that 350 delegates will participate in the 5th World Credit Congress, building on success in Mexico City, Dublin, Sydney and Johannesburg.

The offerings of WCCE Bucharest in 2016 promise a new high level in value for participants.

Understand credit economics… drive solutions.

Academic Committee